CO, 2015, grey

By Nolan Duff

and Rebel Wind du Luot

(by Six Pence Duff)



[Nolan Duff] :

Performer in Show-Jumping


Nolan Duff, stallion was born in 2001 at the Duff Stud in France. He went out and won in Grand-Prix and CSIP in show-jumping. He is indexed from 2008 to 2014 with an IPO 150 in 2010.

Nolan Duff was little cover and mainly for the Duff Stud. He had only 14 foals his first foals take 4 yo in 2019.

Genetic side, he is a son of Garry, himself son of Garryhinch Millrace, Supreme Champion at Clifden and sire of many stallions and performers such as Hurricane of Laps IPO 146, Ilford of Laps IPD 125, Fionn du Marain IPO 136, Obi Wan du Reuil IPO 124...

Garry, Supreme Champion of the national Connemara in 1999, himself winner in D1 and D1 special (old proofs). With sixty foals, we find several indexed ponies such as : Nepheline du Reuil IPO 139, Maam of Scarpe IPO 111, Ribera des Eyrauds IPO 123, Nolan Duff IPO 150, Maccallan d'Albran IPO 105 and several stallions like Nolan : Mara Duff, Qladdaghduff or Rusheen Duff. 

Oona Duff, dam to Nolan is by Mac Duff and own sister of the stallion Quimper III. She herself went out in cross country. She is the dam of Lioona Duff (3rd at the Criterium of the 7yo and over in 2006 in show-jumping), and Kieran Duff IPO 159.

[Rebel Wind du Luot] : 

Classe 1 Connemara mare

Rebel Wind du Luot, Connemara mare was born in 2005 in France. She wins her 2yo class at the Bretagne regional Connemara, wins her class of mares with foal at foot all races in Normandie, and Champion of the 3yo and more at National Connemara in Belgium and Supreme Champion.

Her Sire, Six Pence Duff, Supreme Champion in 2003, has about a hundred offspring of which 46 indexed and 11 beyond 120 such as Cora Bay ISO 136, IPO 131, Klington du Faigt IPO 121, Kouros du Faigt IPO 124, Kris Lemon du Faigt IPO 132, Garlic de Brulhois GP CSO IPO 126, Earl de Brulhois CCIP IPC 125, Jumper d'Aspe European Championship cross country and Omaha Grand-Prix in cross country.

Her dam Quintette III who we don't present anymore and own sister of Vinca II, pre-selected for the European Championship in cross country. She is the dam to Funambule II Connemara stallion winner in Grand-Prix, Hector II performer in Cross-country, Jousselin Connemara stallion performer in Grand-Prix in Show-Jumping IPO 146, Limerick IPO 126 IPC 114, Norma winner at the young ponies circuit.

Rebel Wind has 8 foals in 2019 such as Daenerys Bay Claddagh Reserve Junior Champion at the Bordeaux regional Connemara in 2016.



In Show


  •  Farah is Classe 1 with an average of 17,33.


In Sport

  • She was never exploited under saddle.



Farah was born in 2015 and her first foal will be born for our breeding in 2020 :

            - K........... OF METELLA

He will be the crossing of Farah and our stallion  Meingold Mystical Thunderbird.


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